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Here at Discover & Recover Counseling Services, LLC, YOU will learn skills proven to help you get and stay, clean and sober. Skills of managing stress, improving communication, solving problems; resolving conflicts, overcoming guilt, shame, resentment, depression, anxiety, grief and much more.

  • Substance Abuse Assessment/Evaluation
  • Substance Abuse Addiction Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
  • Anger Management Resolution
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness Education
  • IOP     (Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Counseling Program) Psych-education & Counseling
  • SOP (Supportive Outpatient Substance Abuse Counseling Program)  Psycho-education & Counseling
  • Thinking For A Change (T4C)*
  • Substance Abuse Aftercare (FREE)

Specializations ​
Individualized integrated approaches to the treatment of:
 Substance use                           Trauma/PTSD
      Stress                                     Depression
   Addiction                                Grief/Loss
       Co-occurring disorders                Anxiety/Panic Attacks
            Fears/Phobias                       Personality Problems
          Eating Disorders                    Sleeping Difficulties
Relationship Problems                         Self-esteem
    Schizophrenia                               Bipolar Disorder
          Mood Disorders                          Behavioral Compulsions
        Interpersonal/Family conflict and more...

New Additions to DRC
Professionals AA Meetings
​AcuDetox Program (Coming Soon)
Discover & Recover Counseling Services, LLC is so excited to introduce to you our new AcuDetox (Acupuncture Detoxification) Program.
AcuDetox effectively helps with withdrawal symptoms from the detoxification of addictive substances such as alcohol, caffeine, illegal drugs, prescription drugs and nicotine. It aids emotional issues such as anxiety, depression and anger; also beneficial against withdrawal symptoms which include pain, cravings, irritability and insomnia/sleep difficulty as well as the addictive behaviors such as gambling, shopping and overeating.
It is profoundly effective when implemented simultaneously with our other programs.  It will tremendously enhance the recovery experience! 

Scheduling & Cost
Monday – Saturday      8am-6pm
Flexible scheduling by appointment only
Sessions are only a minimum of 1hr.
More sessions are available (not to exceed 5hrs. a week)
Affordable Cost

  * T4C has been postponed till further notice.