Successful Graduates of IOP/SOP 2017 - 2019

"Great experience with Mrs. Hinds. Always available, easy to schedule, and communicate with. I enjoyed my sessions and can tell I have gained valuable insight to help my recovery. I will continue to use her as a resource and would recommend her to others in need. I was definitely skeptical starting the program but the sessions were more valuable than I ever expected they would be. I looked forward to our time together each week". (Anonymous)

"I am happier and healthier when sober. I have a new purpose in life and this setback/lesson was probably the best thing that happened to me. I have learned to value my career and I understand that my poor decisions and my disease could lead me to losing my job. I have learned to identify and let go of toxic relationships and replace them with positive people who will support my recovery". (Anonymous)

"I have learned by digging deep into my consequences and impacts of my substance use on my life recharges me emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I’m utilizing my leisure time with walking, spending time with my niece and nephew, church on Sunday’s, and it helps me stay grounded. I am growing! I am glad my consequences led me to get and be open to help. Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Counseling/Education helped me identify and be aware of things about addiction and faulty thinking. I see this as an awakening for a better life of not needing a crutch to deal with life, there are coping skills to better manage and understand how to deal with life without drugs/alcohol.” (Anonymous)

"Sharon is a very professional and helpful person, she listens to everything you have to say and tries to find the best way to help". (Anonymous)

"You are a wise and amazing woman, I felt down when I arrived but I told myself, if I can just get to my session, I will feel a whole lot better and I am glad I came ...". (Anonymous)
"A lot of good information was disclosed over the last few sessions. There are some important takeaways that I am now aware of, including triggers and coping mechanisms. Hopefully I'll be able to recognize symptoms and problems with other people and be able to help them. For me, sobriety will be easy because I will think of the consequences of my actions and realize that drinking and driving can result in hurting myself and more importantly others. It's all about making responsible decisions. Discover and Recover Counseling were instrumental in realizing these goals". (Anonymous)

"Thanks a lot for working with me. You are a great Counselor and I wouldn't have went to any other place. You have done a great job with me...". (Anonymous)

"The IOP program was helpful in identifying issues I had not thought about as well as educating me on the facts of chemical dependency and the proper course to treat it”. (Anonymous)

“Mrs. Sharon is very helpful. She has helped me shift my mindset and thoughts. She has helped me with my anger as well as given me the resources I need to continue my recovery. She has gone out of her way to help me and I really appreciate everything she has done. I will be eternally grateful and hope she can remain in my life as a supporter. I will continue to keep in tough and update her on all my progress”. (Anonymous)

"Discover and Recover -- There couldn't be a better name to coin my experience. My apprehension about a cookie-cutter program much akin to standardized testing was eradicated, as I saw Mrs. Hinds heart and passion was tethered to my success. It's hard work to make self-admissions, forge through them, and come to know that recovery is a day-to-day effort. However, this program met me where I was at and together, we took to task. Not only has my personal journey seen breakthroughs but professionally, I have gained such insight and momentum in my career. I planned to learn just enough to "check off the box" of participation. However, Discover and Recover enveloped me from Day 1 and I am indebted to their professionalism, engagement, warmth and commitment to their mission”. (Anonymous) 

  “When I started this program, I was angry. Angry with the thought that I would have to do something that I didn’t need. I just knew the legal system had coined me an addict behind a mistake that I had made. In the beginning I was doing the process because I had to. Now I know that the system works. I am able to identify my downfalls and deal with issues, situations, and events in ways that I didn’t think I didn’t think I could. My alcohol addiction was my excuse for everything. There is nothing in my life that I need alcohol for anymore. There are tactics that I learned during SOP to get me passed and away from things that put my life at risk. I am aware that I did need this and it was a blessing in disguise that the accident that I was in put this treatment in my life. The outlook that I have on my life and future is great and I owe a lot of credit to you and the things that you have taught me. I will use these tools for the rest of my life and continue   
to stay sober”. (Anonymous)

"IOP sessions with Sharon Hinds were informative and educational. Through IOP, I learned a lot about myself. Sharon Hinds takes the time to get to know her clients and genuinely cares. She’s a great counselor and it’s definitely her calling to help others in need. I hope she continues to help and change one client at a time". (Anonymous) 

"I was brought to Discover and Recover because of a DWI. I did not think I needed treatment, after all, no one wants to accept that reality. The program accepted me and my feelings toward treatment and approached my treatment accordingly. After each session I found myself more willing to open up and accept my mistakes for what they were, a consequence of my substance abuse. Ms. Hinds was able to take my daily life and break it down into a productive tool for recovery. After completing the SOP Program, I feel that I have a better understanding of my triggers and situations that may lead me to lose control. I understand what the disease of addiction looks like and I am committed to being better for myself and my loved ones. " (Anonymous) 
“I learned more about myself than I ever expected to and I learned more skills than I knew ever existed. I learned the importance and value of recovery. I am belter able to handle unpredictable swings at work which used to be a very strong source of stress. Before attending the IOP program I struggled with being overwhelmed, stress, falling and staying a sleep through the night etc. Now I sleep through the night. My days no   longer have high peaks of stress and of being overwhelmed etc. My days are little to no stress and are pretty even keel”. (Anonymous)